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Carolina Pool Management  Career Opportunities

Professional Aquatic Careers

We're a strong and proven presence in the Columbia, SC area. We look for self motivated individuals with a strong work ethic and an interest in aquatics. Come be part of a great team!



The role of Director is very important, while at the same time, it allows the individual to grow and acquire knowledge while staying in an area they know and are very comfortable. The Director of Operations has a lot of responsibility and report directly to the General Manager. We hope that this person will be able to grow into the General Manager role in the near future.

The main function of a Director of Operations is to oversee the daily operation of their assigned commercial swimming pools, including operations and staff. Some of their responsibilities may include:

· Swimming Pool Staff Supervision – During the summer, the Director will directly oversee any Pool Managers and Lifeguards at their assigned aquatic facility.

· Facilitate Company Training – This involves the training of Pool Managers, Lifeguards and Service Techs to operate safe, clean, and environmentally friendly commercial swimming pools.

· Overseeing swimming pool operations – This includes training staff to chemically balance the aquatic facilities swimming pool, vacuuming the swimming pools, cleaning the pool tiles, cleaning of the facility decks, cleaning of the facility furniture, cleaning of the bathrooms, maintaining the pools circulation system, and all other aspects of running the facilities.

· Customer Service – One of the most important aspects of the Director duties is the direct contact with the pool management company’s customers. The quality of service you provide to each aquatic facility is a direct reflection on you and the company.

· Human Resources – At times, it will be the Director who will need to assist in the recruiting of Pool Managers, Lifeguards and staff members for the swimming pool facility.

· Opening and Closing of Facilities – Involved with the Spring Opening and Fall Closing/Winterization of the Aquatic Facilities.

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum 2-years experience with swimming pools. LGI certified and CPO certified are a plus. We will provide additional training for the right candidate. Willing to work long, hard hours in spring and summer months. Opportunity for the Director of Operations to be able to grow into a potential General Manager role in the future.

COMPENSATION & BENEFITS: $70,000-$75,000 Per Year

Job Type: Full Time



​Regional Directors report directly to the General Manager and oversee Supervisors, Pool Managers, and teams of Lifeguards at multiple pool facilities around the city.  Regional Directors must have a good understanding of aquatic safety, company practices, pool systems, and excellent communication and management skills.  Regional Directors are a core part of the leadership team and are key players in ensuring company policies and standards are met.  During the off-season, Regional Directors oversee the supervisors and off-season maintenance of their facilities in addition to enhancing business practices to be applied to the next season.

No Openings



The Human Resources Director is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, scheduling and managing the lifeguards and other pool operations staff. Human Resources Directors must have excellent organizational and communication skills.  Human Resources Directors will be trained in the hiring and documentation processes for the company. The Human Resources Director will report directly to the General Manager. 

No Openings



Pool Service Technicians are responsible for the operations and maintenance of multiple pools.  Training is provided to ensure all staff members are experts in water chemistry, minor repairs and filtration systems of the pools on their routes.  Pool Service Technicians are also involved in the opening and closing of pool facilities, along with the ongoing off-season maintenance of their facilities.    

No Openings



​Supervisors oversee the operations, Pool Managers and Lifeguards at multiple facilities.  Supervisors must have excellent customer service, teaching and communication skills.  In addition, Supervisors will be trained on the systems of their pools and how to diagnose, report and solve problems at their pools.  Supervisors will be tasked with leading opening and closing crews at the beginning and end of the season, along with overseeing ongoing off-season maintenance of their facilities. 

No Openings



The Construction and Repair Division Manager oversees and executes all construction and repair projects throughout the year.  Candidates must possess a mastery of swimming pool construction and repair skills along with excellent communication and organizational skills.  The Construction Division Manager reports directly to the General Manager.  

No Openings

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